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Contact heDuoc rated as one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city, Gia Vien Restaurant really has left an unforgettable impression to the guests right from the first time to the restaurant.

Located on the main route into the city center, Gia Vien restaurant features a modern oriental style architecture. The ingenious combination of buildings, the natural garden flooded space is spread over an area of ​​10.000m2 will make you a clear sense of a warm atmosphere, peaceful union members in a large family.

You can choose a la carte table located in Vi Thuy or private space with 23 luxurious VIP rooms, elegant. Or if you want a change, you can choose to sit at an outdoor cafe Bar to immerse yourself in nature with green leaves, the cool stream, shoals of fish swimming around more glide and the sound of pouring water harmonic cascade.

In particular, Wedding & Conference Center Family Member with 04 large hall, serving at the same time more than 2000 guests (large Hall Building 1000; Gia Phuc Hall: 300, Gia Loc Hall of: 400, Hall Family Life: 400) would be the appropriate choice for your wedding, anniversary party, parties, birthdays, conferences, workshops ... Moreover, with the campus, the beautiful restaurant is ideal for a romantic outdoor wedding, unforgettable (serving 500 diners). Besides the ceremony held professional, luxury, restaurant did not stop the application of modern technology such as: live broadcast the entire wedding party on the big screen, or update the latest pictures on your wedding website restaurants ( ...

Add a distinctive look that only Gia Vien Restaurant, there is a play area for children is designed to synchronize with many entertaining games and children's education, this is an attractive gift that the restaurant reserved for the younger guests.
To the hospital, you will really enjoy the unforgettable taste novelty, by extensive menu with over 200 dishes stylish, Asia, Europe. Staff dedicated professional service, always attentive, enthusiastic makes customers more satisfaction and comfort.
Make a time to Gia Vien Restaurant sure you will discover more interesting because Vienna is not only the food!